Do you offer walk-in services?
Yes, no appointments are needed.  Patients are able to walk into any of our locations and be seen usually much quicker than visiting the ER, which can be up to 4-6 hours in wait times.  Patients can also call ahead to schedule a visit or check on wait times.
What type of orthopedic injuries can you treat?
Our team can treat any bone, joint or muscle injuries that may be a result of sports, work or just everyday injuries. This includes sprains, strains, fractures, bone injuries and ligament injuries. In most cases, patients with orthopedic injuries would have had to wait for hours in the ER or several weeks to get an appointment with a physician.  We offer much quicker and more efficient walk-in services.

*Please note that if a fracture has punctured the skin the patient should go directly to an Emergency Room.

Can a normal Urgent Care handle my orthopedic injury?
At most general urgent care centers, patients with orthopedic injuries are given an x-ray, a cast or crutches and then told to see an orthopedic specialist immediately.  Our goal is to cut out the unnecessary steps in your treatment and have you treated by an orthopedic specialist first, not a week later. We also provide on-site X-ray and an open MRI.
Important Annoucement!
OUCH will be closed Wednesday, 11/23 through Friday, 11/25. We will reopen again on Saturday, 11/26 at 11am.
Important! OUCH is closed Wednesday, 11/23 - Friday, 11/25. We will reopen again on Saturday, 11/26 at 11am.
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