Orthopedic urgent care centers are a new and popular type of orthopedic service. Patients who sustain an orthopedic injury can use the orthopedic urgent care to have their injury seen by an Orthopedic Specialist. The 3 advantages of going to an orthopedic urgent care instead of the emergency room include the following:

1. Patients do not have to wait as long at an Orthopedic Urgent Care

Emergency rooms provide numerous medical services. Orthopedic urgent care provides one. Waiting in long emergency room lines can be aggravating and annoying. Especially when an injury is a relatively common one like an ankle sprain, wrist sprain, knee pain or shoulder pain. When patients choose our orthopedic urgent care in Wall, NJ they do not have to wait in long lines. In some cases, they do not have to wait at all. This benefits patients because their and their family’s day is not totally consumed by waiting for their injury to be seen. This is one of the reasons that the patient satisfaction rate with orthopedic urgent care is significantly higher than that of the emergency room.

2. Patients have their injury seen by an Orthopedic Specialist 

Emergency room physicians specialize in emergency room medicine, which covers a wide array of medical disciplines. While emergency room physicians can diagnose and treat orthopedic injuries, they do not specialize solely in these injuries. Because of their education, training and experience, Orthopedic Specialists are more experienced in diagnosing and treating orthopedic injuries than emergency room physicians. Patients who go to an orthopedic urgent care have their injuries seen and treated by the most qualified medical professionals to do so.

3. Follow appointments are easy to make and are with an Orthopedic Specialist

In many cases, an emergency room physician will treat a patient’s injury with a splint or brace and then refer the patient to an Orthopedic Specialist. Patients who choose an orthopedic urgent care over the emergency room bypass this step and save themselves time and money. They also are ensured that their follow up appointments are with an Orthopedic Specialist who works in conjunction with the orthopedic urgent care.  Our orthopedic urgent care in Wall, NJ is staffed by the renowned experts at the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey and all patient information is on file and paperwork and injury-related information does not need to be repeated. This is extremely convenient for patients as they do not need to worry about repeating themselves over and over.

Seeking Treatment at an Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic urgent care centers are a fast, easy, and convenient treatment solution. If you experience a non-traumatic orthopedic injury that does not involve an open fractures or injuries besides orthopedic ones, please feel free to visit our location in Wall, NJ.   We offer on-site MRI and X-Ray as well as extended evening and weekend hours – with no appointment needed! Your injury will be accurately diagnosed and effectively treated in an appropriate amount of time.

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