A recent study using Consumer Products Safety Administration information, compiled by HealthGrove, highlighted the sports that result in the most injuries for those between 13-17 years old.

Below are the top 5 sports and the most common area of sports injury.

1.) Basketball Injuries

Amount of Injuries: 119,589
Type of Injury: Ankle Strain/Sprain

2.) Football Injuries

Amount of Injuries: 118,886\
Type of Injury: Ankle Strain/Sprain

3.) Soccer Injuries

Amount of Injuries: 45,475
Type of Injury: Ankle Strain/Sprain

4.) Gymnastic, Cheerleading, Dance

Amount of Injuries: 22,671
Type of Injury: Ankle Strain/Sprain

5.) Wrestling, Boxing, Martial Arts

Amount of Injuries: 18,174
Type of Injury: Shoulder Strain/Sprain

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